How to show us what you’ve been upto

Hey everyone,

We’re finding the current system we have in place on the eTeam a little difficult to keep track of and think the easiest solution is if everyone starts emailing us a few print screens when sending in guest list requests (some people are already doing this so need not worry)

How to print screen:

Any difficulties just let us know!

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What qualifies the eTeam for guest list and how to make sure you’re on it

Hi guys,

Just trying to clear up a few questions we’ve been sent about guest list. To qualify you for the guest list we require you post (make sure it’s tagged!) at least 5 pieces of content for the event and invite your friends. Also, setting your display picture to the poster for the event is really helpful.

If you then email the day before the event letting us know what you’ve done we’ll make sure your name is on the guest list and send you a confirmation email.

Events this applies to:

  • Detonate
  • Basslaced
  • Dogma Presents…
  • Highness Soundsystem
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How to inivte friends to events

Inviting people to Facebook events is really simple! First set yourself to ‘Attending’ on the event. Then scroll down the page to below the poster and you’ll see this button:

Clicking it should bring up this screen:

From here you simply click on the names of friend you’d like to invite. If you click ‘filter friends’ you can select friends from different networks to invite (This will bring up a select all option to make things much quicker)

If you want to select all your friends in one go there is a code with instructions you can use here:

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How to ensure we see your promotion work

Hey guys,

A few people were confused about how to ensure we see what you’re posting. Please make sure that when posting any content on your Facebook profile you tag the relevant event in the post too. If you’re not sure how to do that here’s a quick walk through:

STEP 1 Paste the link to the content (eg Youtube video) that you wish to share into your status

STEP 2 Type @ and then begin typing the name of the relevant event. This should bring down a drop down box.

STEP 3 Select the event.

STEP 4 Click share. When you post the content the event name should turn blue and link to the event page.

STEP 5 The content will now show up on the event page. Here we can easily see who’s posting content and ensure you get guest list for the event.

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